How to Change Times into Decimal Hours in Excel

Today, I decided to change the way that I did my billing. I wanted to record different classes and have an Excel spreadsheet calculate the difference between the start time and end time of the class to get the duration. Great! But billing works on decimals, not necessarily hours and minutes. So I went in search of a way to take a time, such as 9 hours and 30 minutes and change it to 9.5 hours. You’d think this was an easy task. Not so! I found the solution here. Maybe Microsoft will consider making this a function of itself in its future versions. The real trick is to make sure that the destination cell is in General Format. Worked like a charm.


Changing the Default Folder for saving attachments in Outlook 2010

My father just asked me how to do this and though I don’t typically enjoy or advise making changes to the registry, I thought this was pretty easy.

Upon doing a Google search, I found this article: My father is currently using Outlook 2010, so instead of drilling down to 11.o, you must use 14.0. After making the change, we tested out both right-clicking on the attachment as well as “Save As…” from the menu and both were successful. You can probably do this for many more options, but figured it was a good little post. Enjoy!