Plinky | Your Week In A Playlist

Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of  five songs that represent it.

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My Playlist

My Playlist

I’ll cover a little more than a week, but here’s a good sample:

Firstly, this song is more relevant now than it ever has been since my post on letting go:

Of course, attended a St. Patrick’s Day Party at the Retro Road Show so this one is very appropriate:

Of course, we would have celebrated my Uncle Garry’s 58th birthday yesterday, so this is in his honour:

And since yesterday was April Fool’s Day, this must be played:

Since I’m reviewing final reports and composing exams, this will be soon enough:

A bonus one since it just seems appropriate given my state of mind lately in the relationship area:


Plinky | Which song most aptly describes your life?

Which song most aptly describes your life?

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Thought about this just the other day and though I’m not her biggest fan, The lyrics definitely describe my life and what I hope to achieve.

Plinky | A Different Path

Go back in time to an event you think could have played out differently for you. Snap off time and let alternate history have its moment: tell us what could, would or should have happened.

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Rick and I went out a few times after that first weekend. He wasn’t all that attractive, but we got along pretty well. He lived in Brampton and I in Toronto. I worked in my father’s real estate firm and he… didn’t. Just wasn’t meant to be.

But luckily, my mother was right (isn’t she always?). Tim and I have been happily married for years now. I’m running my own web design business, while supporting women in technology with a little teaching on the side and he coaches basketball for inner city kids.


The ones that hold messages that should have been delivered in person. Have had someone try and ask me out and apologize after I’d just left them. He tried to avoid the face to face. Not cool.

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How do you find your muse?

How do you find your muse?.

Finding My Muse

Finding My Muse – Borrowed from “Wrestling The Muse”

I’m not sure if I actually find it. I think it comes to me at the last minute and says: “Hi! yeah, just kidding. I’m here.”. I also think that it comes in waves, which is why I do a lot of scheduled blog posts. I’ll sit down one day and decide to go through all my challenges, both the text ones as well as photos. This is how I create my content. The WordPress Post A Day Challenges have helped a great deal. I’ve had subject matter floating around in my head and haven’t really found the question it should answer. The Challenge has allowed me to do that and helped my business too. When I meet with a new client, I give them a challenge of their own. Depending on their business, they have to give me a 250-500 word blog post on a topic I give them. Most people smile and then say: “Yeah, I can do that.”. Sometimes, it is truly that simple.

I’ve also decided today that I’m going to start a new menu item and call it challenges so that you can see what challenges I’ve completed. I haven’t done them in the order they were given to us, but I find that when I look at a list of options, something comes to me, such as this topic.  It’s like crossing things off a to do list. It needs to be written or, if absolutely necessary, turfed. I’ve done that with very few posts, but I have not yet mastered the art of letting go. Not sure which one is harder: writing it or letting it go.

I’ve also found a new service that prompts topics everyday. It fills the void left after the Post A Day Challenge ended in December 2011. It’s called Plinky and though I’ve only received one email from them yet, I think it will help with feeding the muse. One of the topics I’d already written on, but you can add a link to the post and share what you’ve written which is kind of cool.