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I had the pleasure of beginning to finish a story and I haven’t yet finished it. Not sure when I will finish it, but here it is so far:

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How do you find your muse?

How do you find your muse?.

Finding My Muse

Finding My Muse – Borrowed from “Wrestling The Muse”

I’m not sure if I actually find it. I think it comes to me at the last minute and says: “Hi! yeah, just kidding. I’m here.”. I also think that it comes in waves, which is why I do a lot of scheduled blog posts. I’ll sit down one day and decide to go through all my challenges, both the text ones as well as photos. This is how I create my content. The WordPress Post A Day Challenges have helped a great deal. I’ve had subject matter floating around in my head and haven’t really found the question it should answer. The Challenge has allowed me to do that and helped my business too. When I meet with a new client, I give them a challenge of their own. Depending on their business, they have to give me a 250-500 word blog post on a topic I give them. Most people smile and then say: “Yeah, I can do that.”. Sometimes, it is truly that simple.

I’ve also decided today that I’m going to start a new menu item and call it challenges so that you can see what challenges I’ve completed. I haven’t done them in the order they were given to us, but I find that when I look at a list of options, something comes to me, such as this topic.  It’s like crossing things off a to do list. It needs to be written or, if absolutely necessary, turfed. I’ve done that with very few posts, but I have not yet mastered the art of letting go. Not sure which one is harder: writing it or letting it go.

I’ve also found a new service that prompts topics everyday. It fills the void left after the Post A Day Challenge ended in December 2011. It’s called Plinky and though I’ve only received one email from them yet, I think it will help with feeding the muse. One of the topics I’d already written on, but you can add a link to the post and share what you’ve written which is kind of cool.

What Would You Like To See Me Write About?

Quill PenAfter reading a post about How To Get More Traffic, I decided to look into at least one thing that I had not yet done and that was ask you, my readers, what you would like to see me write about?

I have such a diverse background and have great stories to tell. I’ve been doing a lot of Post A Day from WordPress, which I have thoroughly enjoyed, but is it what you want to see?

Many of you have heard me tell a story or two (or more). What story would you like me to tell? Is it one I’ve already told? Is it one that you haven’t heard before, or one for which you didn’t hear the ending? That doesn’t mean that I’m going to change everything, because I will still write a thing or two from Post A Day.  Maybe I’m missing a story about my personal endeavours or my work experience. You tell me.

What would your profession be if you didn’t need money?

What would your profession be if you didn’t need money?

I think I’d like to be a writer. I’ve certainly beeing enjoying writing these blog posts for Post A Day, but I don’t seem to have enough time to write them. I’m certainly trying to change that, but if I could learn to write and do that for a living…I’d be a happy camper. Put some photography into it around the world (so add in the travelling) and I’m sold! Where’s my winning lottery ticket…?

If you could script tonights dream, what would would the plot be?

If you could script tonights dream, what would would the plot be?

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it public or not. Guess I figured, it couldn’t hurt…

We meet at the bookstore, looking at the sci-fi novels, comics, mysteries and all the others in between, covering which ones we have and which ones we don’t. We go through the DVD section discussing which movies we’ve seen and which ones we haven’t. We decide that you have way too many that I haven’t seen, so we’ll need to start going through them and sorting them out.

We walk outside and grab an ice cream. We walk around fro a while, find a park and continue our conversation. Good luck trying to shut that discussion down! The ice cream is melting faster than it can be consumed. and it starts dripping, making a mess. It starts dripping on my hands, so I have to finish it off quickly. There is a trace left on the corner of my mouth. Before I have a chance to wipe it away, you stop my hand from moveing and you lean in towards me, kissing me gently and slowly. You place your hand on my cheek, draing me closer to you, committing to the kiss. it doesn’t last long, but it managed to shut us both up.

Change the end of any famous story, true or fiction


Change the end of any famous story, true or fiction. I just did a post last week about writing a book, so this is a bit of a follow up to that.


First edition paperback cover (Ace Science Fiction 1984)

Feng Shui Roleplaying Game

Feng Shui Roleplaying Game

I took an English course at Ryerson University in Science Fiction. I didn’t think I would enjoy it because it was my third choice. The other two didn’t have enough enrollment, so I settled for this class. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! We were charged with writing something creative in the style or based on one of the books that we read during the semester. I was inspired! A few years earlier, I’d been party to a role-playing game that we called “Shadow Shui”. It started out as a Shadow Run campaign, which is a cyber-punk style based on the William Gibson book, Neuromancer. Part way through, we changed the mechanics of the game to a system called “Feng Shui”, but continued the main story line, hence Shadow Shui.

Shadow Run Roleplaying Game

Shadow Run Roleplaying Game

This was one of, if not my favourite campaign. I loved my character and did my best to never miss a session. I even recorded everything in Excel spreadsheets to make sure I had everything at hand. We had to take a break from the campaign because some people’s schedules changed. We were almost finished and could have probably finished it during a long weekend. I bugged the game master to finish it for years. One day, I asked him again when we were going to finish it and another player who was standing beside us said, “Are you going to tell her?”. The game master decided not to finish it and let everyone write their own ending to the story. I was dumbfounded! He couldn’t do that! Well, he did or rather…didn’t.

This was my chance! The prof loved my proposal and off I went. Hence, Shadow Shui: The Story was born. I got a great mark on it and was truly interested in writing it. I joined a writer’s group at a local bookstore run by a friend of mine. After the store closed, I put up I hope you will enjoy the story’s “end” since I hope to continue it further someday.

UPDATE: I’ve just realized the difficulty with my blog link. I’ve just corrected it. Sorry!

Have you ever considered writing a book? If so what kind?

Have you ever considered writing a book? If so what kind?

I actually have a separate blog dedicated to this very thing:

There are two different ideas that I present, both are science fiction:

1. Shadow Shui: This was a role-playing game that a bunch of friends and I played that never got finished. I used it as the basis for an assignment in a Science Fiction English course at Ryerson University. I even took this to a writer’s group that I joined at a friend’s local bookstore.

2. A sort of fan fiction related to a character in “Doctor Who”: Jenny. She was born his daughter and at the end of the episode flew off in a shuttle after the Doctor thinks she’s dead. She goes off in search of him, but we don’t know how much of his abilities she has taken on, so it opens a world of possibilities.

FITC Day 1 – Favourite Session

Back to the Future: Part II – James White (@SignalNoise)

I arrived at FITC a little late this morning, so I caught the second session. Boy! What a way to start the conference! I don’t usually consider myself to be artistic or creative, but I have to admit, I was inspired by James’s talk. He is an artist who has a “Retro Futurist” style. He loves designing posters and is an old school metal head. Even wore an Iron Maiden T-shirt for his presentation. I have to party with this guy! I came away from it inspired to create, even if it is just origami. I’ve never been much of an artist or very creative, though I’ve been enjoying writing lately. The only arts I’ve ever been good at have been my origami and martial arts. Guess it’s time to breathe new life into them both, maybe even find a new one. Thank you, James.

I know this entry is a bit short, but I’m going to catch up on everything most likely after the show is over.  I hope that I’ve at least caught your interest enough to stay tuned for a few more.