Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers.

Last year I wrote a series of blog posts (starting here)  in which I said that I wanted to get flowers this year… from a man. I had to qualify it since my friend Gwen corrected me and said that she had given me flowers. She did not disappoint.

She told all my guy friends attending my birthday to bring flowers. I received six bunches of them! She gave me a vase big enough to fit them. Here they are:

The six bunches of flowers I got from my guy friends on my birthday last year.
The six bunches of flowers I got from my guy friends on my birthday last year.

I wrote about this event here.


Revisit a topic you wrote about in January

Revisit a topic you wrote about in January.

How funny this is? I wrote about Bridget Jones back in January. The movie came on again a couple of weeks ago and I wrote about it again here. So, challenge done! Read away.

I am STILL Bridget Jones

So once again, one of my favourite chick flicks was on again tonight…Bridget Jones’s Diary. And now, more than ever, I still believe that I am Bridget Jones.

The movie was released 10 years ago and it is still as relevant now as it was then. I am still single and dealing with emotional fuckwits for what mildly passes as boyfriends.

But I still know that I have wonderful friends around me, more than I had a year or ten ago. Instead of writing in a paper diary, I mostly write it on my computer, but do occasionally write them down. I still drink, but don’t smoke and haven’t for 5 years now. Yet, I’m still single.

I guess I’m still looking for my Mark D’Arcy…

If you could script tonights dream, what would would the plot be?

If you could script tonights dream, what would would the plot be?

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it public or not. Guess I figured, it couldn’t hurt…

We meet at the bookstore, looking at the sci-fi novels, comics, mysteries and all the others in between, covering which ones we have and which ones we don’t. We go through the DVD section discussing which movies we’ve seen and which ones we haven’t. We decide that you have way too many that I haven’t seen, so we’ll need to start going through them and sorting them out.

We walk outside and grab an ice cream. We walk around fro a while, find a park and continue our conversation. Good luck trying to shut that discussion down! The ice cream is melting faster than it can be consumed. and it starts dripping, making a mess. It starts dripping on my hands, so I have to finish it off quickly. There is a trace left on the corner of my mouth. Before I have a chance to wipe it away, you stop my hand from moveing and you lean in towards me, kissing me gently and slowly. You place your hand on my cheek, draing me closer to you, committing to the kiss. it doesn’t last long, but it managed to shut us both up.

“I Have The Best Friends In The Whole World” or “Screw You Mark D’Arcy!”

Must tell tell you that I have the best friends in the world.

After wonderful Bridgesque posts, one of nearest and dearest friends did wonderful things for birthday. Had one friend who was in charge of looking after sorry drunk ass and making sure got home in one piece. Other is dear female friend.

In previous post had mentioned (screamed) that this year wanted to receive flowers from someone of the male persuasion. Leave it to someone of the female persuasion to come up with a plan to make this happen.

Birthday bash started great at Retro Road Show (must check it out of have not already done so, gentle readers). Then one of male friends shows up with flowers and favourite vodka. Think there might be a crush here, but still thank profusely. Scheming friend must have told him something. Then yet another male friend appears with more flowers, and another, and another…by the third, have realized a pattern; all men. Scheming friend has told them all to bring flowers to help complete new year’s list.

Once a few had given flowers and had figured out plot, scheming friend gives birthday gift to compliment the yang with the yin: a flower vase, large enough to fit all the flowers given.

So big thanks go to male friends who heeded call of even better scheming friend who made it possible. Special mention of course to drinking buddy who, though couldn’t get flowers because was taking care of my drunk ass all day, also made sure to make it homesafely and sayted that way when tucked in bed.

Thanks also go to those who made sure that my glass was never empty and sometimes made sure that there was more than one glass, sometimes three very small ones back-to-back-to-back at the bar in quick succession. Thanks go to the DJ who continues to play favourite song even though he despises it so. (“Drop the needle!”)

This is why one must state that have best friends in world. Don’t need Mark D’Arcy at birthday party. Friends covered it wonderfully. But if he decides to show up by Valentines, would be nice.

Thank you again to all for a wonderful birthday.

Bridget Jones – Where is My Mark D’Arcy?

Units of alcohol: not many due to medication

Exercises: not many due to back pain

Salads: Close to once perday

Still in search of dream job. After second interview, no response. So must not be dream job. It’s still out there.

So is my Mark D’Arcy. Have wonderful friends who all tell me am wonderful and beautiful, but can’t seem to have proper relationship with normal human male. Have tried internet dating, speed dating, friend set ups and more, but wonder if am meant to be singleton for rest of life.

For those not we-informed, Mark D’Arcy (played by amazing Colin Firth) is tall, dark-haired god with British accent, is top barrister in London law firm, can cook and most importantly, likes me “just as I am”.

Since birthday is next week, in true Bridget fashion, he will appear and save dinner disaster that am preparing for friends. Not that any ex-lover will show up asking to take me back in middle of dinner causing Mark D’Arcy to take him out into the street for brawl through Greek restaurant to defend my honour. But one can dream…

Bridget Jones: Post New Year Edition

Number of alcohol units: respectable 2 at dinner

Number of cups of tea: 1 Earl Grey, 1 Black Ceylon, 1 Chocolate Chai

Woke up at much more respectable hour today than yesterday’s post-noon awakening. At least today got up in time to watch Corrie Street.

Spent day(s) catching up on emails and clearning lists of “to read” items on Twitter. Am social media diva and must read imporant articles to improve self for dream job. Still no word yet, but expect to hear today.

Have much to do including laundry and gearing up for new year of success. Must complete Smartserve by day before birthday. At least then, will know when to cut self off drinking, or cut others off and steal drinks.

Never thought I would look forward to dinner invitation from father, but not leaveing apartment for a day or so has that affect. Besides have leftovers now too. Sad that singleton has to plush social life by Sunday dinner with family. And as much as I love my mother, she supported my social life last night by inviting me for dinner last night. Even more proof.

But of course, this year will change! Prince Charm will grace presence. Name shortened to represent his temporary status as am not looking for life mate. Almost looking forward to being eternal singleton rather than smug married.

Bridget Jones: New Year Edition

Number of alcohol units over the last two days: Too many to count

Number of delectible finger foods at Pre-NYE birthday party: Too many to count

Number of Gingerbread houses: -1

Number of karaoke songs sung: 1

Number of pre-NY workouts: 1

Number of NY text messages from unknown senders: 2

Had good evening of training a few nights ago. Think I’ve finally figured out that form. Went to pub and ate salad (good). Wasn’t ready to go home, so went to #loserkaraoke at Tequila Sunrise with a few tweeps, @AlexBlom, @Dan_L, and @photojunkie. Missed @jpuopolo unfortunately. Hope he and his wife are going well on the #babypuopolo watch! She was due today, so as soon as there is extended radio silence, am sure that we’ll know. Hadn’t done karaoke in a while, but glad I stuck around. Got home late, but fun times figuring late night route home. Thankful for 24 hour TTC service outside my door.

Next day, got gear together and went to friend’s for pre-NYE birthday party. Lots of finger foods, good wine, Rock Band, polar bears and singletons. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to break more boards at training. Took three tries to break the gingerbread house, so either am a great builder and should consider career in hurricane/tornado prone areas or am complete weakling. Even caused hand to bleed. Either way, am #toughcookie. See it here.

Had amazing time at NYE party with good friends and had interesting voyage home which involved a bus and 2 cabs, only paid for one. Great photos can be seen here.

Still have not heard about dream job, but with holidays, could be delayed. Expect to hear Monday or Tuesday.

Not making too many resolutions this year. Too many disappointments. Chose “hope” instead of “resolve”. Therefore, HOPE to (in no particular order):

  1. Lose weight and lead healthier life
  2. Learn to knit and will have completed at least one project this year
  3. Cook and read more often
  4. Get dream job
  5. Find love, even if only temporary
  6. Procrastinate less.

Not a lot to ask, is it? Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous new year. Let it be better than the last.

– Shanta

Bridget Jones: Day 3

Units of Caffeine: 3

Units of Alcohol: 3

Cigs: Still none (over 4 years now)

Meals: 2

Muffins: (Home made) 2

Fruits: 1

Salads: none

For those who have taken to reading my Bridgesque posts, I am doing my best to keep you informed but not to bore. I’m still working on this and thank you for your patronage, but know also that to protect the guilty…I mean…innocent, I’m not going to post everything. That would just be stupid. Full Stop!

At the stroke of midnight last night (Tuesday/Wednesday) I took to read my horrorscope hoping to gain some insight into my upcoming 2nd interview. Oddly, I found this:

You have someone’s attention now, Capricorn. You may not have noticed, but you have a secret admirer of some sort. This could be a romantic interest, but it could also be that someone is observing you and admiring your talent or skill related to business. If you are hoping to meet the person of your dreams, stay alert for someone’s shy flirtations. If you are hoping to make a career move or you need to make a special connection for your business, keep your eyes open for opportunities. This is a good day to make progress in both areas.

Who could it be? I thought I had it figured out, but alas I was wrong. Am happy that they have found someone, but was slightly disappointed. Part of me thought it might be me. Not that I would have done anything, but it would have been a boost to the self-esteem to say the least. Had built it up because of stupid horrorscope. Thought I had it figured out. Oh well…Back to the drawing board. <looks up horrorscope for the next day> Does seem promising.

Went for second interview BTW with full arsenal. Research, done; reference list, done; reference letters, done; outfit, done. Arrived 20 minutes before appointment. Can’t go wrong, right? Keeping fingers crossed and will hopefully find out Friday.

Originally had another piece to go in here, but think I will make it a separate post. I’ll save the New Year’s stuff for tomorrow. For tonight, we train and go kick the crap out of stuff. Good way to kick 2010 to the curb!

My Life As Bridget Jones: Day 2

Smokes: 0

Alcohol units: (Yesterday) 2, (Today) 0

Baking projects: 1

Callbacks for second interview: 1

Well here’s to a good day…so far. Decided that I will save the wine for later, (which might be tonight). Instead, made dinner of salad and pasta. Even put the extra pasta in the fridge so as not to go overboards. Had glass of water instead of juice since I need to increase intake. Will have a couple of clementines with tea later for dessert. (UPDATE: ended up having two freshly baked muffins on top).

Just got the call I was hoping for! Have second interview tomorrow with ideal position for me. Keep fingers and toes crossed and send good chi.

Knew that water would be off in the morning in my building, so, filled water filter, kettle and coffee maker the night before. Even ground the beans and put in the filter last night so I could just press the start button on coffee maker this morning. Cooked breakfast of 2 eggs and toast. Surprised that my back has been okay today, maybe because I’ve been lying on my front all day. Even have taken to writing on paper again. Great focus tool.  Just read a great article about that too. Check my twitter feed for that. Mmm Good tea.