Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers.

Last year I wrote a series of blog posts (starting here)  in which I said that I wanted to get flowers this year… from a man. I had to qualify it since my friend Gwen corrected me and said that she had given me flowers. She did not disappoint.

She told all my guy friends attending my birthday to bring flowers. I received six bunches of them! She gave me a vase big enough to fit them. Here they are:

The six bunches of flowers I got from my guy friends on my birthday last year.
The six bunches of flowers I got from my guy friends on my birthday last year.

I wrote about this event here.


When did you realize you were an adult?

When did you realize you were an adult?

I moved out of my father’s house when I was 20, a week after I finished high school. I moved in with my friends Emily and Stephanie to an apartment at Yonge and Eglinton. They had moved in two months earlier and I followed after I was done school.

I worked at Parks and Recretaion, started working at a cofee shop, cleaned an apartment and sold roses on Church Street. I’d stopped working at the comic store a few months earlier. I made just enough money to pay my rent, buy coffee now and again, and cover my groceries. I was finally on my own. But I wasn’t a grown up, despite having been a fairly mature child for my age.

About two months in, I realized that I needed a more regular job. I applied to work in a women’t clothing store in the Eaton’s Centre. I started during their end of summer sale so the dress was pretty casual. I cam in the next week wearing similar clothing to the previous week. Big mistake. They’d changed over to the fall collection and no one had told me. My manager took me to the back room and had a chat with me. She said that most of the girls still lived at home and didn’t have to worry about bills and rent like I did. She held a few items back from the sale that I could purchase to improve my wardrobe and gave me a great start.

I worked there for about six months when I moved into my own apartment…alone. Shortly thereafter, I began working for my father. I had my own bills, my own place, my job and no one else was going to do the dishes for me. I was finally a grown up.

If you could script tonights dream, what would would the plot be?

If you could script tonights dream, what would would the plot be?

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it public or not. Guess I figured, it couldn’t hurt…

We meet at the bookstore, looking at the sci-fi novels, comics, mysteries and all the others in between, covering which ones we have and which ones we don’t. We go through the DVD section discussing which movies we’ve seen and which ones we haven’t. We decide that you have way too many that I haven’t seen, so we’ll need to start going through them and sorting them out.

We walk outside and grab an ice cream. We walk around fro a while, find a park and continue our conversation. Good luck trying to shut that discussion down! The ice cream is melting faster than it can be consumed. and it starts dripping, making a mess. It starts dripping on my hands, so I have to finish it off quickly. There is a trace left on the corner of my mouth. Before I have a chance to wipe it away, you stop my hand from moveing and you lean in towards me, kissing me gently and slowly. You place your hand on my cheek, draing me closer to you, committing to the kiss. it doesn’t last long, but it managed to shut us both up.

My Week Ahead – Part 1

Let me tell you kids, it’s gonna be a doozy!

There are so many cool things going on this week, that I thought I should share some of it in case you want to come along for the ride.  It’s just the type of girl I am! There’s so much, I have to break it up into a couple of posts. Here’s the first dose.

Saturday, April 16

9:30 pm – Stupid o’clock in the morning: The Retro Road Show

Remember those video dance parties that you had in junior high/high school from Much Music and the like? Well, you can still enjoy them! DJ Thomas Hall (@djthomashall) spins the tunes like he does every Friday at 5 pm on Boom 97.3. For those of you that used to go to the Joker back in the day, yes, this is the SAME DJ Thomas! Make sure you follow him on Twitter, as well as my girl Gwen who looks after the Twitter and Facebook promotions for the events (@retroroadshow). It’s held at the Dovercourt House, north of Dovercourt and Bloor Street West. It only comes around once a month and in honour of Gwen’s birthday, the theme is Hair Bands. There will be much headbanging! Check out more on the events, including cover here. I don’t miss any if I possibly can.

Monday, April 18

7pm – 10 pm: Tweetgasm

I went to one of these last month when I was invited by Rannie (@photojunkie). It’s an opportunity for a bunch of people with similar interests to get together and have a few drinks, a good conversation in person and listen to some great music. Come down to the Gladstone on a usually boring Monday and end the day off right! Details here.

That should at least keep you going until early next week. In my next post, I’ll talk about Books, Code, Fashion and maybe an Easter Bunny. Stay tuned!

The One That Got Away

I’m sure we all have stories about “The One That Got Away”. It’s more likely, the one we let slip through our fingers. I have one of those stories…and in light of Valentine’s Day, I hope you never let one slip through your fingers that shouldn’t.

In my last year at high school, I started using one of those dating phone lines. Don’t remember which one and it doesn’t matter. I wasn’t sure if it would lead to anything and probably thought this was just a good way to make the guy I liked jealous. I figured that the object of my affections didn’t care for me enough to just see me, so I would see what else was out there. Started talking to this one guy with a nickname of “Taz”. We chatted on the phone for hours on end, sometimes all night until dawn. He was a really sweet guy.

One night, we decide to meet. He lived in Brampton and I lived in Toronto. It being fairly late at night, neither one with a car and the GO Buses had stopped running, it was unlikely that this was going to happen. He hops in a cab and pays $50 to meet me at Yonge & Bloor Station.

I hadn’t told him what I was wearing and before the internet, it wasn’t easy to see what each other looked like. He told me what his jacket looked like and had to hope that I wouldn’t leave him stranded there. I walked passed him and said his nickname. He turned around and there I was. We walked down to an all night dessert place and talked for hours. Then we went back to my place and spent the night together. He even gave me the poem he’d written for me and read to me over the phone hours before. I gave him an origami japanese crane.

The next day, I felt awful about it. Not that I didn’t like him and that he wasn’t a nice guy, but I thought “This isn’t fair to him. I don’t ‘love’ him. I should stop it.” I got on the phone that night to him and started to break it off. As I’m on the phone to him, the other guy rings in on call waiting. He’s decided that I’m the one for him and that he wants to be with me. I’m over the moon. I switch back to the other line and finish telling him that it’s over. I didn’t do it on purpose, I was just confused.

A few days later the other guy decided he didn’t want to be tied down and I finished it with him. ‘Taz’ and I still talked, but it wasn’t the same and it became less frequent. We got on with our lives and I called him up about a year later, just to see how he was doing. He was dating another girl by this time and she seemed very sweet. I got a call from her one day asking if I’d come up for a visit to Brampton and surprise him for his birthday. He was working at a local pub and we went to meet him there after she met me at the bus station. I made a japanese crane and told her to take it in to him. He’d know what it was. He did and he was truly surprised. So was I…at how much I think I cared for him. But he was taken now and I couldn’t ruin that for him. We had a great time that night and I crashed at their place.

The next day, the girlfriend had to go to work so he was going to take me back to the bus station. We were hanging out at the apartment and while we were playing around, he kissed me. Both of us knew it wasn’t right. He couldn’t do that to his girlfriend and I couldn’t screw up his chance at being happy after I’d broken his heart already once. He confessed to her about it and she never let me speak to him again. Can’t say that I blame her.

He did eventually marry her and within a year, they were separated/divorced. Turns out she cheated on him and took him to the cleaners. He got another girlfriend after that and I’m sure there were more, but then I lost track of him.

I started looking him up on the net and dialling old phone numbers, but nothing. I did actually find him finally just last year on Facebook and he is happily married with children. But for the longest time, I wondered if something could have been. I even still have the paper with the poem on it. Might even post it someday…

Bridget Jones – Where is My Mark D’Arcy?

Units of alcohol: not many due to medication

Exercises: not many due to back pain

Salads: Close to once perday

Still in search of dream job. After second interview, no response. So must not be dream job. It’s still out there.

So is my Mark D’Arcy. Have wonderful friends who all tell me am wonderful and beautiful, but can’t seem to have proper relationship with normal human male. Have tried internet dating, speed dating, friend set ups and more, but wonder if am meant to be singleton for rest of life.

For those not we-informed, Mark D’Arcy (played by amazing Colin Firth) is tall, dark-haired god with British accent, is top barrister in London law firm, can cook and most importantly, likes me “just as I am”.

Since birthday is next week, in true Bridget fashion, he will appear and save dinner disaster that am preparing for friends. Not that any ex-lover will show up asking to take me back in middle of dinner causing Mark D’Arcy to take him out into the street for brawl through Greek restaurant to defend my honour. But one can dream…

Bridget Jones: Post New Year Edition

Number of alcohol units: respectable 2 at dinner

Number of cups of tea: 1 Earl Grey, 1 Black Ceylon, 1 Chocolate Chai

Woke up at much more respectable hour today than yesterday’s post-noon awakening. At least today got up in time to watch Corrie Street.

Spent day(s) catching up on emails and clearning lists of “to read” items on Twitter. Am social media diva and must read imporant articles to improve self for dream job. Still no word yet, but expect to hear today.

Have much to do including laundry and gearing up for new year of success. Must complete Smartserve by day before birthday. At least then, will know when to cut self off drinking, or cut others off and steal drinks.

Never thought I would look forward to dinner invitation from father, but not leaveing apartment for a day or so has that affect. Besides have leftovers now too. Sad that singleton has to plush social life by Sunday dinner with family. And as much as I love my mother, she supported my social life last night by inviting me for dinner last night. Even more proof.

But of course, this year will change! Prince Charm will grace presence. Name shortened to represent his temporary status as am not looking for life mate. Almost looking forward to being eternal singleton rather than smug married.