“Clue” – The Stage Production

"Clue" The Movie

“Clue” The Movie

I loved the movie “Clue”. I was watching it the other day and thought to myself, this would be an amazing stage production. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you do. The beauty about it was that there were three different endings. If I did it as a stage production, I’d come up with a couple more and surprise the audience with which ending would be played out each night.

Now the big question: Who should play what roles? I believe the original cast for this was absolutely stellar, but if I were to do this today, I’m not sure who I would get to play each role. At least a couple of the cast members are no longer with us, including the amazing Madelaine Khan.


Here are a couple of suggestions:


Col. Mustard: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Miss Scarlett: Tricia Helfer

Prof. Plum: Rupert Everett

Mrs. White:

Ms. Peacock:

Mr. Green:

Who would you pick?


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