Bridget Jones: Post New Year Edition

Number of alcohol units: respectable 2 at dinner

Number of cups of tea: 1 Earl Grey, 1 Black Ceylon, 1 Chocolate Chai

Woke up at much more respectable hour today than yesterday’s post-noon awakening. At least today got up in time to watch Corrie Street.

Spent day(s) catching up on emails and clearning lists of “to read” items on Twitter. Am social media diva and must read imporant articles to improve self for dream job. Still no word yet, but expect to hear today.

Have much to do including laundry and gearing up for new year of success. Must complete Smartserve by day before birthday. At least then, will know when to cut self off drinking, or cut others off and steal drinks.

Never thought I would look forward to dinner invitation from father, but not leaveing apartment for a day or so has that affect. Besides have leftovers now too. Sad that singleton has to plush social life by Sunday dinner with family. And as much as I love my mother, she supported my social life last night by inviting me for dinner last night. Even more proof.

But of course, this year will change! Prince Charm will grace presence. Name shortened to represent his temporary status as am not looking for life mate. Almost looking forward to being eternal singleton rather than smug married.


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