Doctor Who


Those who know me know that I am a huge Doctor Who fan. Not only did I work in a comic store and go out as Doctor Who one year for Halloween, but I also show my knowledge by naming all of them in order. However, I have a confession to make: I haven’t been very fond of the latest incarnation, Matt Smith. Though I will still watch them (and probably go back and watch the episodes from the latest one), I think I’ve figured out part of the problem. It’s not that the¬†story lines¬†are bad or that the acting sucks, but that it has somehow lost its charm. That perhaps the viewers of the last three Doctors think that’s all there is.

Case in point: Space Channel has been showing these specials on Doctor Who that are really quite interesting. Topics include “The Women of Doctor Who”, “The Companions”, “The Destinations”, and more. Really cool right? The only problem is that they are only showing the last three Doctors. When Star Trek specials are shown, they usually talk about all of the series, from the original to the “Next Generation” and so on. Not these. In most cases, we are fortunate if we see two of the last three incarnations. The one I watched tonight actually showed Christopher Ecceleston and I was shocked! Maybe this has something to do with the fact that these specials are produced not by BBC, but by BBC America. I also find it interesting that IMDB has seen fit to disconnect the series by separating it into two or more series, one beginning in 1963 and the other in 2005. The show was on hiatus for a few years, but does that really warrant a separation? It wasn’t a remake, it was a continuation.

All I’m trying to say here is that there is more to Doctor Who than the last three actors that have played this great character for 50 years, including my favourites, Tom Baker and David Tennant. Make sure that you enjoy all of what this show has to offer, not just the Americanized discussions and limit it there. </rant>

Tom Baker as Doctor Who and K-9 playing chess

Tom Baker as Doctor Who and K-9 playing chess. Don’t remember where I got it, but shows the wonderful quirkiness of the “original” series.