Why are you following me?

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Why Are You Following Me?

This is a follow up from a #TODebate discussion on July 2, 2010 in which we discussed on what basis you pick who you follow on Twitter.

I haven’t had much movement in followers simply because I wasn’t doing many blog postings (been working!), but only commenting on things I saw in Twitter, but not much past that. This all changed when I met Alex Blom (@AlexBlom) at Product Camp Toronto back in May, 2010.  Almost a month ago, he decided to start a series of posts on Follow Fridays. For those not versed in Twitter (and until he told me, I didn’t know either), this was a post that you would do on Friday with the tag #FF in which you would recommend someone that you think others should follow. It became really silly when people would just post a tonne of names and the whole purpose became rather deflated. Instead, Alex decided to do a post in which he introduced the person and gave you a reason why you should follow them, including a bio (that was more than the little one included in Twitter). I was fortunate enough to be his first. Within three days of this post, my followings on Twitter went up by 33%. Now, for small time like me who hadn’t had a new follower in a long time, that’s a big deal. I was able to track within those few days exactly where they found me. This was of interest to me and it continues…

Because it didn’t stop there. I haven’t done a blog post in almost a month, and yet, other than those I’ve met personally, or been introduced to, I’ve gained even more. Just last week, I had about 5 new followers in one evening. That’s a lot for me!

So now I want to know:

  1. How did you find me? Did you see this blog or my other one? Did you see one of my retweets or maybe someone you follow has mentioned my name?
  2. Why did you decide to grace your twitter feed with me?

Comment below because now I want to know who my readers are, what they want to know, what they like and what they don’t like. If you can provide sources, that would be nice to so I can properly thank those who have been good to me as you have in following me. I also want to know what works and what doesn’t. I’m not a professional marketing person, nor do I want to rely on statistics and analytics (essentially technology) to tell me. I want to hear from you.