My Mom’s Famous!

Just wanted to share that one of my favourite cakes from my mom’s repertoire was published today on this blog today. Everyone who knows her knows how great a cook and baker she is and for once, it’s nice to see her featured and not me. I know that I’m the one who put it out there to Carol, but I wanted to pay tribute to the woman who has kept me fed for years.

I remember once when I went to visit her at the recreation centre she worked at. By the time I arrived, all the cookies she had brought in that day had been consumed. One of the guys said, “Oh, sorry Shanta, there are no more cookies. Jealous?”. I simply replied, “I’ve had her cooking for the last 20 years or more and not just cookies. Now who’s jealous?”. And most people would agree that she is the best around. Love ya mom.