Don’t Be Mad

Thanks to Val for this one. Perfectly my mind set right now from my Open Letter Post.

Don't Be Mad...

Don’t Be Mad…


Crowdsourcing My Online Dating Profile

Thank you to everyone for checking out my Open Letter the other day. Really reinforces that I know I’m right about this one. I may not be right about a lot of things, but I am about this. And for those inquiring minds, he tried to text me yesterday. I just deleted it. 😉

As promised, I’m asking for your help in writing my online dating profile. I’ve been putting it off and after this latest fiasco, I’m not delaying another minute. So friends, what would you write in my profile?

Have to add a few photos of course, so which ones would you add and which one would you use as the primary?

Alternatively, I’ve had an offer to re-do some head shots. Might need to do that sooner rather than later. 😉

If you started a music band, what would the name be?

If you started a music band, what would the name be?

When I was working for Toronto East General Hosptial in the Public Relations Department, we worked on a project called Silos to Solutions. We put together a slide show of hundreds of shots around Toronto taken over a few weeks. While at Cherry Beach, I shot this one with Kevin’s camera. (Thanks to Kevin Holm for lending it to me to take this one set of shots). While there, I came up with a band name: Cherry Swan. I wasn’t even practicing in a band, nor did I have any dreams of becoming a famous musician. But if it ever came, I’d have a cool band name.