Camaraderie and Zip Cars Toronto Announcement at Veritas

I was introduced to a company called Camaraderie (@Camaraderie) by Scott Honsberger just over a month ago. We’d crossed paths two nights in a row at two totally separate events, a week later getting off the same streecar, and a few weeks later at a meetup for a company I’ve been looking at. Camaraderie is a shared workspace in downtown Toronto for individuals, small businesses and startups. This was a fairly new concept to me, and yet, a no brianer. So when he invited me to one of their events, co-hosting with Zip Cars Toronto for an announcement. I could tell that this was a match made in heaven. Office space and transportation, with out long term commitments and as-needed. Wonderful!

The event was hosted at Veritas at King Street East and Sherbourne Street. I’d never been there before and enjoyed a glass of their house red wine (Pinot Noir, Cave Spring). I could never resist a good Pinot Noir!

Zip Cars has some great offers for members of Camaraderie, which are still pretty good even if you aren’t a member. I even walked away with some great swag, including a porcelin travel mug. Not cheap! And what follow-up! I had a rep from Zip Cars call me the next morning to see if I had any questions about the offerings that had been given to me the night before. They sent me an email with all of the pertinent info and did not push anything.

If you haven’t checked any of these companies out yet, I would certainly take a look. Enjoy!


TTC Naming Stations After Corporate Sponsors

I realize that the most logical thing to do when naming stations is to name them based on locations. But, what if those stations never get built because there is no money to build them? How is it any different from allowing corporations to name our stadiums and buildings after themselves? Now, they even change the names nevermind building new ones. Look at what they did with SkyDome (and yes, it will always be the “Dome” to me).

I’d make the corporations pay for the drilling to the new station, the construction of the station itself and for the first five years of maintenance such as cleaning and facilities. If they want to pay that much, let them. Who benefits? Potentially their own employees and most definitely the general public. Let them put their money where their mouth is. In return, they get it named for no less than 25 years, provided they don’t breach the agreement.

So, who will step up?