Would I want to live forever?

Topic: Do you want to live forever?.

Unlike some who might think that it would be a lonely existence, (such as “Highlander” or “Doctor Who”) I believe that it would be a wonderful opportunity. Many times, we say we didn’t have enough time to do things like have a successful career, own a home or to travel the world. You’d have all the time in the world.

What would I do?

I’d travel. One country at a time. I might work for a bit at the tail end of the visit, enough to get to the next country and travel around for a while. I’d learn a few languages…to start. I’d improve my French, then master Japanese. Probably start my travels there. I’d continue my martial arts training, and learn some new ones. I’d also keep learning, maybe a few more degrees. Maybe one in literature next. If I lived forever, I’m sure I’d master history!

Oddly enough, I don’t think I’d want to be famous. Just let me do my thing, watch the world unfold as it will. Maybe advise leaders now and then, but only if asked. Imagine the discussions you could have, the things you could witness and the hearts and minds you could help shape.


What is Happening to Our Youth?

I read this story and had to write something.

Two more charged in Facebook rape pictures case

What kind of world are we living in that such a thing can occur? I’m not just talking about the fact that a young girl was raped, but the fact that no one is stepping forward, nor did they at the time of the attack. There were apparently 10-12 other people there! Worse yet (and yes, it can get worse) someone takes images and THEN posts them on Facebook. Are you all proud of yourselves? I hope you are all brought forward in shame. YOU are the ones who should have been bullied at school, not the poor victim.

And gentle readers, think on this: Since some of them are minors, they’re names can’t be used. They could be our leaders of tomorrow. Sobering isn’t it?