Fundraiser for HAAARP

Looks like there was actually a Gallery Function In WordPress and they just made it better. Thanks to this, I can now put up the infamous photos from the Fundraiser at Upper Gage Garage for HAARP that was held at the end of June. Enjoy and as always, blame Joey Coleman for this.


Hamilton’s 24-7 Live Local Journalist

Many of you may recall my post a few months ago about Joey Coleman in my #FF Series. Well he’s got a new project on the go and considering the donation levels and what you get in return, I’d say that it’s well worth it. I hope that you will all consider donating to this worthy cause.

Joey Coleman from his Facebook Page

#FF Joey Coleman

I remember saying on more than one occasion that I’d love to hang out with Jonathan Goldsbie. Well I think I’ve found his Hamilton counterpart. Meet Joey Coleman.

In addition to being a journalist, Joey can be found at Thinkhaus or at Startup Drinks with Open Hamilton. Be preparted for a long and entertaining evening when he shows up, because he tells great stories. He’s always been a fountain of knowledge when it comes to local politics and history. I started following him on Twitter from the #HamOnt hashtag while learning about my new home. I then met him at Startup Drinks a few days later where I got a crash course in local municipal politics.

I really enjoyed attending Random Hacks of Kindness here in Hamilton to help the local installment of this international intiative. Joey has really enlightened me in the ways of open data and though I’m still learning, I’ve been a quick study.

Thanks Joey for putting up with me and enduring my never-ending questions. You can read his blog for stories including those from Hamilton City Hall or CBC Hamilton (which is always fun) and follow him on Twitter…NOW!

PS. I just found out last night that he and Roger Gillespie of the CBC are going to be on the dunk tank at Upper Gage Garage this afternoon to raise money for HARRRP. Roger’s on at 1 pm, followed by Joey at 1:20 pm. I wouldn’t miss this for the world!

Joey Coleman from his Facebook Page