My Challenge for 2012 – 50 Book Pledge

I was having a Twitter discussion with my fellow Post A Day Challenge 2011 member Dan Levy (@TheDanLevy) the other day about what to do next? He’s done a great job with posting every day and I haven’t. I’m playing catchup myself, but now I need something to challenge myself yet again. I have never been a big reader and but during my recent move I realized how many books I have, many of which, I have never read. In addition, I have almost 1500 books that I’ve downloaded in some collection or another, so I’ll never go without something to read.

50 Book Pledge 2012

50 Book Pledge 2012

Then I found this challenge: 50 Book Pledge. This sounds like something I need to do. I don’t know if I’ll get through a book a week, but I’m willing to try. If I haven’t, I’ll try to review a book I’ve already read. It may sound like cheating, but I really do read slowly and it takes me forever to read through a single book.

What I will read is going to be different every time. Some might be fiction, some technical. Some might be long, some might be short. I will  read complete books for my review, not just a short story. However, I do like to read collections of short stories, so I will do these as a whole book.

On that note, I’m going to finish the book I’m reading now. Only one more story to go…