Fundraiser for HAAARP

Looks like there was actually a Gallery Function In WordPress and they just made it better. Thanks to this, I can now put up the infamous photos from the Fundraiser at Upper Gage Garage for HAARP that was held at the end of June. Enjoy and as always, blame Joey Coleman for this.


#FF David Hills

I met David Hills at my first Hamilton Business Networking and Entrepreneurs Group event back in November, 2011. This was only a few days after the decision to move to Hamilton happened. I then saw him about a week later at a Bronzie’s Tweetup that I was attending through a friend of mine, Justin Baisden. We hit it off pretty well and we started seeing each other at similar events over the next few months.

One of my favsHe called me about a new meetup in January that I didn’t know about. A week later, he saw that I was attending another event that turned out to be one of his best sales nights. When I did my Social Media 101 presentation at Hamilton Business Networking and Entrepreneurs Group, I was able to rent his pico projector to present to a room full of potential clients. Most of my client base now comes through this group. If you haven’t seen this wonderful invention, you can see it here. It is the coolest thing and I know you will be amazed.

He has always been a great source for local connections and influencers that I haven’t yet met. If I ever need a sounding board for something local, he’s the first person I call. We now co-ordinate many of our events and check in with each other at least once week. We sometimes attend the same functions two or three times a week. I joke that his wife must get jealous of all the times we see each other. It is now a rare occurrence that people will see us at an event in our area without the other, much like a comedy team.

David has always been very kind to me and extremely supportive, including referring clients to me and singing my praises. I only hope I can live up to all of his kind words. Make sure you ask him about the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, especially for their upcoming Air Show and give him a big Follow Friday. You can find David on Twitter here. Thank you David.

DemoCamp Hamilton

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about DemoCamp. What is it?

I’m going to let Kevin Browne of Software Hamilton explain it. Here’s his interview with TechTalk4HamOnt at the last one:

The next DemoCamp Hamilton is on March 20th. You can get more info here:

Hope to see you there!