Two Down One To Go

Keynote Address Podium

Keynote Address

A few months ago I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel discussion at Girl Geeks Toronto. After that, I wanted to moderate a panel, but thought I should get more experience at being on a panel. Jany Jang accelerated that movement by asking me to moderate a panel for Ryerson Women In Leadership on International Women’s Day about Breaking The Glass Ceiling. I was honoured, but nervous at the same time. One of the things that made it really easy was that I was familiar with the room and some of the people. The other was that I knew one of the panellists, Carolyn Van, very well.

I attended an event a couple of weeks ago at MaRS Discovery District called Gaining Momentum: Women and Technology and now I’ve added another to the list. After hearing Dr. Ilse Treurnict, the CEO at MaRSDD, I need to do a keynote. She was inspiring and any description I gave here would not do her talk justice.

So next time you’re wondering who to get for the keynote, let me know! This one will definitely take me a few years… But I’m okay with that.


#FF Girl Geeks Toronto

I know I’m a little late on this one, but figuring they have their event this evening, I thought it might be okay.

Girl Geeks Toronto is a spin off of Girl Geeks Scotland and was started a few years ago. Over the last year, I’ve gotten to know the team running this pretty well and they have been extremely supportive of my WITHamOntinitiative. They’ve just relaunched their website and it looks like it’s off to a great start after a hiatus of about a year or two.

Girl Geeks Toronto

Girl Geeks Toronto

I attended their FITC lunch and had the chance to sit near Stacey Mulcahey, one of the few women speakers they have in addition to Pearl Chen. I was in the running to win a lunch with her from FITC, but I got it just the same thanks to GGTO. 😉

Every month gives something a little different. It’s not just about programming or the IT field. Last month, I saw presentations including from Sacha Chua who told us of the app she designed to manage her wardrobe. Not necessarily what colour works best with what, but how many times have I worn it and when was the last time? Now you can really tell what you did and didn’t wear during the season and what has to go! Being a fashion-challenged person myself, I think this might be helpful to me. I’m still waiting to hear when this is going to be available to the public. I always learn something new. I’m not about to go out and nab the next thing they present, mind you. If I did that with every event, I’d never leave my house!

If you do want to leave your house today, I highly recommend that you check out this one. Here’s the link for tonight’s event if you can make it and of course, follow my girls here on Twitter.