My Bucket List – Motorcycle Ride Out West

Me and my Uncle Garry when I lived in Burlington

Me and my Uncle Garry when I lived in Burlington

I’ve had a bucket list of sorts in my brain before, but have never really written it down.

Two weeks ago, my uncle passed away at the age of 56. He had just bought his first house six months ago from the estate of my Grandmother after she passed away in November of last year. He took his time figuring it out, but not too quickly either. Just the right amount of time.

Last Christmas, I brought him his first computer that he bought as a present to himself. In July, he had the internet hooked up and finally started enjoying using it. I had to pack it up last week to be taken from the house, because now it sits empty. He’d just got the internet two months ago.

One of the things he and his friend were discussing on the night before he died was the possibility of getting a couple of Harleys and doing a ride out west. He lived in Calgary for many years as part of a survey team, and I know he did enjoy it out there. I’ve always thought about getting my motorcycle licence, but never got around to it. Now I feel it is my duty to take that on for him. I’m not setting a deadline yet, but I’m going to do this ride as soon as I can.

There will be more on the list I’m sure, but this is a good start. Goodbye Uncle Garry.