Write a top ten list of your favorite songs

Write a top ten list of your favorite songs.

In no particular order, I’ve done my top five. I really adore the movie, “High Fidelity”, so I felt I should follow that form. Also, when I started going more than five, I started thinking of way too many options. So, here are my Top Five Favourite Songs:

Special Girl by Eddie Schwartz:

Into the Night by The Music:

Hysteria by Def Leppard:

In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel:

Dream Come True by Frozen Ghost:


My Favourite Job Interview

I went for my first co-op position at a real estate firm as an IT Support Person. I went into Chris’s office where we talked about my resume, since I had a background in real estate.

To test my IT knowledge he asked a-matter-of-factly: “what does DHCP mean?”

“Dynamic Host Control Protocol” I replied. (and yes, I always got the “c” wrong. It should be “configuration”)

I was trying not to run on as I am prone to do, but he then asked: “And what does it do?”

“It’s what hands out IP addresses on a network from a centralised location.”

“Okay. I think you’re right. I’m a business guy myself, so I’m not sure, but I think you’re right.”

He hired me on the spot and I started that week and was there for a year and a half while in school until I went to Hong Kong on an exchange. Thanks Chris for making it so memorable.