Bridget Jones: Post New Year Edition

Number of alcohol units: respectable 2 at dinner

Number of cups of tea: 1 Earl Grey, 1 Black Ceylon, 1 Chocolate Chai

Woke up at much more respectable hour today than yesterday’s post-noon awakening. At least today got up in time to watch Corrie Street.

Spent day(s) catching up on emails and clearning lists of “to read” items on Twitter. Am social media diva and must read imporant articles to improve self for dream job. Still no word yet, but expect to hear today.

Have much to do including laundry and gearing up for new year of success. Must complete Smartserve by day before birthday. At least then, will know when to cut self off drinking, or cut others off and steal drinks.

Never thought I would look forward to dinner invitation from father, but not leaveing apartment for a day or so has that affect. Besides have leftovers now too. Sad that singleton has to plush social life by Sunday dinner with family. And as much as I love my mother, she supported my social life last night by inviting me for dinner last night. Even more proof.

But of course, this year will change! Prince Charm will grace presence. Name shortened to represent his temporary status as am not looking for life mate. Almost looking forward to being eternal singleton rather than smug married.

My Nana

Today would have been my grandmother’s birthday. Should would have been 87. So we’ll make sure to toast to her later today. For now, will light a candle. Her memorial is posted on my Princess’s message. She passed away just last month. Boy it was strange this Christmas with her not being there. But her spirit lived on.

On Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember, there were always people over at my Grandmother’s house. We figured it would be just be me, my mother and brother and my uncle this year. A friend of the family said she was going to drop by later, so my aunt and her husband said they would too. She was going to bring some food, but I’d told her not to fuss since there weren’t many of us and it wasn’t going to be the usual gathering. She brought her daughter, my uncle’s girlfriend and her son came over too. His best friend from across the street came over and said that his mom was sitting alone and would it be okay for her to come over as well. Of course! Then the guy next door came over since his wife was working. So considering, we did pretty well. I guess Nan didn’t want us to be lonely on Christmas Eve without her there. And as my mother said on Christmas Day, “Raise your glasses to the founder of the feast. I give you, Mrs. Phyllis Mills” Bye Nana.

My Life As Bridget Jones: Day 2

Smokes: 0

Alcohol units: (Yesterday) 2, (Today) 0

Baking projects: 1

Callbacks for second interview: 1

Well here’s to a good day…so far. Decided that I will save the wine for later, (which might be tonight). Instead, made dinner of salad and pasta. Even put the extra pasta in the fridge so as not to go overboards. Had glass of water instead of juice since I need to increase intake. Will have a couple of clementines with tea later for dessert. (UPDATE: ended up having two freshly baked muffins on top).

Just got the call I was hoping for! Have second interview tomorrow with ideal position for me. Keep fingers and toes crossed and send good chi.

Knew that water would be off in the morning in my building, so, filled water filter, kettle and coffee maker the night before. Even ground the beans and put in the filter last night so I could just press the start button on coffee maker this morning. Cooked breakfast of 2 eggs and toast. Surprised that my back has been okay today, maybe because I’ve been lying on my front all day. Even have taken to writing on paper again. Great focus tool.  Just read a great article about that too. Check my twitter feed for that. Mmm Good tea.

Speakers’ Corner – London Style

My mother and I decided to take a stroll through Hyde Park this past Sunday on our way back from having toured London most of the day. We’d heard something about this speakers’ corner and thought it might be fun to just watch what happens. So much for that!

As we went through, there were crowds around various people who were ranting on top of their step ladders, going on to anyone that might listen. I stopped to listen to one older woman who looked like she was about to go head to head with another man on a stool and wanted to hear what was being said. Her argument: England for the English. Another man who was obviously from another country, argued with her and was light spirited about this. I had to take a line from one of my recent favourite comedians, Papa CJ, as turned to my mother and said “Watch this.”

I pleaded for everyone’s attention when I addressed the crowd around when I claimed that if England was for the English, they should have thought of that before they invaded everyone else, like India and the West Indies and brought all of the people back to be slaves. They should have realized the consequences of their actions when they did so and then it might still be England for the English. She then said, “Well then, why do you live here?” (since most of her argument had been about foreigners coming to the country and living off the backs of the hard-working English). I replied: “I don’t! So you can’t blame me if you don’t like the way this country is. I have English influence everywhere from Canada where I was born, to my British mother and my Indian father.”

She had nothing to say against it, so she attacked my heritage instead. “So, you’re Indian then? Go back to India!” After arguing that I was Canadian, she claimed that I was who my father was, even if it was my mother who carried me for nine months. “Well, that was her mistake!”

I lost it! “Mistake? You want to tell her that? She’s right here!” Then she started telling my mother how it was her problem if she gave up being British and married an Indian. No one attacks my mother like that and before you know it, we were both in the mix. I made one maybe two other points and then left the crowd as everyone there applauded my statements, which apparently were the best ones to shutting her up for a good part of the day.

It made my day. The pot is being stirred, even on this side of the pond…;)