My Life As Bridget Jones: Day 2

Smokes: 0

Alcohol units: (Yesterday) 2, (Today) 0

Baking projects: 1

Callbacks for second interview: 1

Well here’s to a good day…so far. Decided that I will save the wine for later, (which might be tonight). Instead, made dinner of salad and pasta. Even put the extra pasta in the fridge so as not to go overboards. Had glass of water instead of juice since I need to increase intake. Will have a couple of clementines with tea later for dessert. (UPDATE: ended up having two freshly baked muffins on top).

Just got the call I was hoping for! Have second interview tomorrow with ideal position for me. Keep fingers and toes crossed and send good chi.

Knew that water would be off in the morning in my building, so, filled water filter, kettle and coffee maker the night before. Even ground the beans and put in the filter last night so I could just press the start button on coffee maker this morning. Cooked breakfast of 2 eggs and toast. Surprised that my back has been okay today, maybe because I’ve been lying on my front all day. Even have taken to writing on paper again. Great focus tool.  Just read a great article about that too. Check my twitter feed for that. Mmm Good tea.