If you got a tattoo, what would it be?

Japanese Calligraphy for peace: "Heiwa"

Japanese Calligraphy for peace: "Heiwa"

If you got a tattoo, what would it be?

I’ve always said there is nothing that I would put on my body that I could honestly keep for the rest of my life. Having seen how some people frivolously put tattoos on their body, such as a boy/girlfriend’s name, even husband or wife, and then within a few years it’s over. To me, nothing is forever.

But, this is a hypothetical discussion, so here it is. The one thing that I could possibly think of that I would be willing to put on my body is the symbol for peace in Japanese calligraphy, “Heiwa”. For those who don’t know, the Hindi name, Shanti means “peace”. The derivation of that, Shanta, means “peaceful”. It sounds a little self-serving/selfish, but the only thing that I could honestly rely on and know through and through, is me. There are people for whom I would lay my life on the line, but those people have changed. One can never know what events might change who they are and what might cause the change. Why Japanese? Simple: I’ve always loved the Orient and I am a student of martial arts.

In addition, the bigger picture is that I believe that we come from our roots. This is a great symbol of my grandmother, whom I wrote about in a previous post. I know that I can be combative at times, but I usually get riled up when I believe that there is some injustice. Ultimately, I want peace. I might sound much like a beauty pageant contestant, but it’s true. I believe that in order to survive, we all need to get along. As my friend Dan Levy (@TheDanLevy) said: “/rant”

Why Am I Posting All This Stuff?

A fellow Twitter fan that I follow, Dan Levy (@TheDanLevy) did a post a short time ago and I thought I might do the same. So, firstly, thanks to Dan for the idea.

Some people may be asking why I’m posting all this stuff? I jump around to a lot of different topics and some are pretty obscure. Well, Dan and I are both participating in the WordPress “Post A Day 2011”. Every day, @PostADay gives you a topic. You don’t have to write about it, but the purpose is to give you ideas about what to write about and get you into the mood of writing.

So what have I learned so far? Firstly, I enjoy using WordPress. I’m learning now about some of the more advanced features, including hosting it and possibly setting up other clients on this platform.

Secondly, a post doesn’t have to be the length of an essay. Even this post is smaller than most, but it’s something that I felt I needed to talk about and explain to those who know me as to why I was doing this. I’ve found there are things that I enjoy writing about and that through this I will find my focus. I’m finding that I’m even posting more than once a day in some cases. I’m reviving old posts that I put on my previous blogs that I easily imported to WordPress. Besides, I know that I haven’t been posting every single day, but I certainly have enough material that I’m catching up.

Hope you all enjoy the ride with me. Thanks Post A Day!