HoHoTO Follow Up Friday (Saturday)

I wanted to give a good shout out to the people that I met Thursday night who have already reached out, said hi, followed me back, etc. Since next Friday is Christmas Eve, I thought I would just do a Follow-up Friday and get a plug in for @HoHoTO while it can do some good.

Firstly, I want to suggest Ryan (@clickryan). I had his name float around some of the people that I follow, so I thought I should reach out. Right away we hit it off. So I expect good things from this meeting, and apparently, I give good hugs. Important information. On a Saturday morning, you can find him tweeting some of the most important lines from “The Princess Bride” except one of my favourites: “I have to tell you…I am not left handed!”

Next, someone I would call his partner in crime, Joallore (@clickflickca). I took a moment to check #HoHoTO and there was a post that the first person to come up to him with the tweet got a free drink. I could swear I was standing next to him so I enquired. Turns out, I won! See? Twitter gets you free stuff!

One of the names I saw being thrown around was Saul Colt (@saulcolt). I didn’t get a chance to talk to him, we were part of the same group at one point. Figured it warranted a little research. Seems like a really cool guy, so I’ve started following him and maybe our paths will cross again someday.

And last but not least, Ninja Spider Monkey (@kyxer). I saw his profile pic and knew we had to chat. Turns out we both do martial arts and we talked at length on the subject and he may come to check out the dojo some time. Once again, Twitter helps us connect to new people not just for marketing, but to make human connections to people that we would not necessarily have met otherwise.

Of course, thanks go out to the @HoHoTO organizers. It was truly a great event for a great cause. Make sure you catch their hangover auction on Monday when they auction off the unclaimed raffle items from the event. Monies are donated to the Daily Bread Foodbank so please tune in.

Happy Ho Ho everyone!