I Want To Go To FITC Toronto 2013 | Shanta R. Nathwani, B.Com., MCP

I’ve finally launched my main site, thanks to the inspiration of FITC once again. You can check it out here:

I Want To Go To FITC Toronto 2013 | Shanta R. Nathwani, B.Com., MCP.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details.

My brother Ravi standing in the lights on New Years Eve at the Retro Road Show

My brother Ravi standing in the lights on New Years Eve at the Retro Road Show

Two Down One To Go

Keynote Address Podium

Keynote Address

A few months ago I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel discussion at Girl Geeks Toronto. After that, I wanted to moderate a panel, but thought I should get more experience at being on a panel. Jany Jang accelerated that movement by asking me to moderate a panel for Ryerson Women In Leadership on International Women’s Day about Breaking The Glass Ceiling. I was honoured, but nervous at the same time. One of the things that made it really easy was that I was familiar with the room and some of the people. The other was that I knew one of the panellists, Carolyn Van, very well.

I attended an event a couple of weeks ago at MaRS Discovery District called Gaining Momentum: Women and Technology and now I’ve added another to the list. After hearing Dr. Ilse Treurnict, the CEO at MaRSDD, I need to do a keynote. She was inspiring and any description I gave here would not do her talk justice.

So next time you’re wondering who to get for the keynote, let me know! This one will definitely take me a few years… But I’m okay with that.

Don’t Be Mad

Thanks to Val for this one. Perfectly my mind set right now from my Open Letter Post.

Don't Be Mad...

Don’t Be Mad…

Crowdsourcing My Online Dating Profile

Thank you to everyone for checking out my Open Letter the other day. Really reinforces that I know I’m right about this one. I may not be right about a lot of things, but I am about this. And for those inquiring minds, he tried to text me yesterday. I just deleted it. 😉

As promised, I’m asking for your help in writing my online dating profile. I’ve been putting it off and after this latest fiasco, I’m not delaying another minute. So friends, what would you write in my profile?

Have to add a few photos of course, so which ones would you add and which one would you use as the primary?

Alternatively, I’ve had an offer to re-do some head shots. Might need to do that sooner rather than later. 😉

Open Letter to All The Guys That We Single Girls Have Dated (Or At Least Tried To)


I have been more than understanding to this point and I really need to get this off my chest (no sexual comment intended in case you weren’t sure).

I have been more than understanding when you’ve cancelled our “date”, by which you defined as “getting together to do something”. At one time, that would have at least meant getting some out of it (and yes the sexual comment was intended here). But I haven’t.

It’s not that I don’t believe you when you tell me that you can’t make it because:

Broken heart 2x2

Broken heart 2×2

  1. You’re tired
  2. You’re sick
  3. You were in a fender bender yesterday
  4. You’ve got your kids unexpectedly tonight
  5. You had to work late
  6. You have to work early tomorrow
  7. You have to go out of town
  8. You physically can’t move
  9. You’ve had a shitty day and you shouldn’t be around other people right now
  10. and a million other reasons

…it’s that it’s always something that doesn’t involve me and it’s always SOMETHING. Do you think that I don’t have this at all? Of course I do. But guess how many times I’ve cancelled: 0. That’s right. NONE. Regardless of what I had going on, I still made time for you. I’ve put stuff off to make time for you. I’ve even tried to involve you in my plans and you avoid every possible chance to meet any of my friends or attend anything that involves them.

Having tried my best over the last few years (and yes, I do mean years) to put you out of my head, you keep coming back and I keep putting up with the same excuses that prevent me mentally and emotionally from moving on to anyone else who might actually appreciate me. This might include the fact that I haven’t responded to many of the messages that I’ve received from the online dating service because I’m hoping beyond hope that you will finally wake up and put me at least in the top three on your priority list.

Screw you. I should be first. Just this once and that’s where I’m going to place myself: First. Call me selfish, but when you cancel on me 7 times since September and only make two meetups, I’m really done. I deserve better. Heck, tonight, I even considered calling in the Indian Aunties to arrange the marriage for me! Do you see what you’ve driven me to?

And you know what’s funny? Neither one of you will probably even read this. I’ve said it before to your face and now I’ll say it again to the world: You’re a bigger coward than I thought you were.

As Rowan Atkinson said in his priest sketch for “We Are Most Amused…”, “Here ends the lesson.”


Next up: “Crowdsourcing My Online Dating Profile” and “Who Wants To Find Me A Date? Preferably A Millionaire”

Choose your own adventure

I had the pleasure of beginning to finish a story and I haven’t yet finished it. Not sure when I will finish it, but here it is so far: http://shadowshui.wordpress.com/category/writing/shadow-shui/

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Daily Prompt: Menagerie

Daily Prompt: Menagerie.

I’ve never been much of a dog person and I’m allergic to cats. However, I’ve been a big fan of Siamese Fighting Fish for some time.  I haven’t had one for some time, because I sometimes spend a few days away now and then. Might reconsider soon. Here’s a pic of my last one:

My pet Betta

My pet Betta

Ch-ch-ch-ch changes!

I stopped smoking a number of years ago and went cold turkey. It worked and I still haven't gone back. However, my guess is that for other changes, I'd like to do it incrementally, but I act cold turkey style.

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Writing room

I imagine a place like Bali. No one around, ocean on all sides, warm weather, light breeze blowing through and lots of sun. And of course, great wi-fi. 😉

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