Me vs. The Cold

SickI’ve felt a cold coming on for a few days now and wanted to see if I could nip it in the bud. Sometimes it works and sometimes (like today) it doesn’t. Here’s what I do:

When I feel it coming on, of course I up the vitamin C intake. More orange juice, etc., but I also take Oil of Oregano. Five drops several times a day is what is recommended, but I’m lucky if I take it two or three. I recommend having something very strong to drink the taste away (and no, that doesn’t mean alcohol…necessarily). Orange juice or coffee usually does the trick. Water is good, but it’s lack of taste doesn’t seem to work as well to get rid of the putrid taste.

Oddly enough, as part of my lecture last week at Sheridan College, we were talking about perception. I mentioned that at one time, Jägermeister was known as a cold remedy. According to their website, some of the 56 herbs are: “… ginger roots, star anise, cardamom and orange peel”. Sounds like it could fit the bill! A few days later, I felt the cold coming on, especially the sore throat, but went out with a few friends anyway after work. I decided to give it a try (purely for research purposes, of course) and within half an hour or so, I was actually feeling better. Thought I might have it beat! But alas, no. Might have to give it another try…

When it hits, I buckle down and hide out for a few days if I can help it. One of the remedies that I was taught a few years ago when I had a nasty cough was lemon tea. Not the tea bag kind, but actual juice of a lemon, half to be exact, in boiling water with a slice of it in the water. I have trouble drinking it straight, so I recommend adding some honey, not just for the taste, but it has been known to have some great healing effects as well as coating the throat. Look at most of the cough drops!

Speaking of which, this time around, my throat is swollen and sore. The only way I could sleep was to keep having Halls cough drops. Not keen on keeping them in my mouth while I sleep, so today I picked up some sore throat spray. It’s supposed to numb the pain a little, so I’ll let you know how that works out.

I went to the grocery store this afternoon on my way home. I called in sick to work, especially since I work with children and part of my job is to yell instructions (I can barely talk at the moment, which is a blessing for many, I guarantee it). I come home, change into my most comfy pyjamas and sleep whenever I want. If it’s two hours here or there, fine. At least it’s sleep. Just give into your body for a day or so. Right now, Netflix is my friend.

Last but not least, comfort food. There is something to be said for having food that you really enjoy and just feel better. Whether it’s mac ‘n’ cheese or chicken soup, just have some. But keep it small. I find that I loose my appetite a little. Heck, I’ve even put my hand on the ice cream at least once tonight (which soothes the sore throat…yes that’s what it’s for! Winking smile) but fear it curdling in my stomach with all the acidity of the lemon and orange juice. I’m quite sure it will come, but not right now.

What do you do to fight the common cold?


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