#FF Sacha Chua

Sacha gives me a run for my money when it comes to attending meetups. I go to a great number and now I fully expect to see Sacha there. Some of the interests that we have in common have been Girl Geeks Toronto, WordCamp Toronto (x2) and Accessibility Camp. You will usually find her behind her tablet PC, doing the most amazing sketchnotes. She has been a great inspiration and has now given me the interest to pursue it myself…After I decide on a device with a stylus! She also pointed me in the direction of Windows Live Writer which is a great tool for anyone that posts to multiple blogs. Has saved me a lot of time and effort!

She always has a kind word for everyone. I can’t remember ever hearing her critique anyone or anything negatively. Constructive, perhaps, but the root of her comments are always kind and meant to help others improve. Amazing what even changing a single word can do.

One of the coolest, yet simplest things I have ever seen her do, is ask me for my autograph after my presentation at WordCamp Toronto. I got to sign my own sketchnotes! I’d never been asked for my autograph before, and it really made me feel important.

I urge you to follow her adventures on Twitter, @SachaC and make sure you say hi if you are fortunate enough to run into her at an event. Enjoy.

Sacha Chua from her Twitter Profile

Sacha Chua from her Twitter Profile


One comment on “#FF Sacha Chua

  1. Windows Live Writer is also great for people who work with a lot of images, because it can automatically resize and upload them for you. Tinker with the dimensions and source link settings, then set it as your default. You can set the defaults on a per-blog basis.

    There are lots of plugins for WLW. I’ve just installed a template plugin that should make it easier to manage HTML snippets. There are other plugins to make cross-posting easier – they’ll add whatever boilerplate you like, such as “This post originally appeared on…” and your contributor bio. =)

    Happy to pass along cool tools! Thanks for the glowing encouragement! =)

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