Follow Up from Last Summer

I wanted to follow up on my progress from last year to see how well I did. Some might even include this summer, but given the year I’ve had, you can’t blame me. 😉

1. Go Camping – CHECK. We did get to go camping for one weekend last summer. Though we didn’t get to do this again this summer, I think we’ll make up for it next year.

2. Have Garage Sale – CHECK. We got rid of quite a bit of stuff, so I’m pretty happy about that. All before I even knew we were moving to Hamilton.

3. Visit friend on Georgian Bay – CHECK. Got to go for a weekend, but didn’t get to see my friend. Need to check in on her this week.

4. Get Gainful Employment – So-so. Started my own consulting gig and I’m really enjoying it.

5. Complete 5 WordPress installs/clients – CHECK. Have done a couple of my own and most for clients. The biggest one is for the Malvern Red and Black Society, coming soon!

6. Post once a day on any of my three blogs – So-so. Getting better at it and it goes in waves.

7. Go on at least 3 dates (with the same person or different people) – FAIL. Dates? What are they? It’s a type of fruit isn’t it?

8. Get ready for September grading by training at least twice per week. – FAIL. Moving has put a bit of a damper on the training front. Getting better at taking a walk at night and doing training in the park.

9. Lose 10 pounds (would love 20, but lets start there). – CHECK AND FAIL. I lost about 20 pounds, but mostly due to CO poisoning. I think I might have put it back on by now.

10. Read 5 books off the bookshelf – CHECK. It took me a little longer, but I actually took up the 50 Book Challenge. Though I may have succeeded from my list here, I’m quite far behind on it.

Bonus: Visit a museum or gallery – CHECK. Went to the AGO for my birthday.

Sunset on the beach in Tiny

Sunset on the beach in Tiny


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