#FF Michael Canton

One person that I have overlooked in my previous Follow Friday editions has been an amazing supporter of mine, is Michael Canton. I intend to rectify this today.

Michael and I met at Startup Drinks Hamilton back in the winter, either just before or just after I’d moved to Hamilton. I admit, I didn’t know much about video, nor did I really delve into it much with everything else on the go. At least I knew there was someone out there that I could turn to if I needed advice on it. I was starting my own consulting business and I know that this was not a piece of the social media that I was going to start to learn about at this stage of my game. He launched TechTalk4HamOnt and interviewed me during their first taping at DemoCamp Hamilton in February. I went for a job interview and they said that they even found a video of me giving an interview (it would have to be this one) when they did a Google search on me. They now could tell that I was able to present to people in front of a camera which was to my benefit. Needless to say, I know I need to improve on my video visibility and will be doing so in future.

Michael has always offered some neat little tidbits of information or leads about other people that I should connect with. He has amazing ideas and a wonderful eye for video. He has been a very strong supporter of my Women In Technology Hamilton initiative and has videotaped everything without charging a penny. He believes in it and that it is a great thing for this city. That’s enough for him. For those clients that I have that want to start doing video spots, podcasting, livestreaming and the like, I’ve given them Michael’s name first… always.

If you don’t already, make sure that you follow Michael Canton on Twitter and check out his many videos. Thank you Michael.

Michael Canton of Valley Town Media

Michael Canton of Valley Town Media


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