Here’s a great lesson on Twitter for those of my followers that are trying to figure out “The Twitter”. Another point of view.

Stringing Words Together

I decided I have to set aside time to get a more thorough feel for Twitter and to understand its patterns – so I went to hang out in that playground this last month. I missed WordPress and my familiar playmates, but it was fun discovering some new potential buddies!

Twitter is now a long-established culture in the world of social media. My post is not that of an explorer encountering new lands but more like a travelers’ tips for those who have not really explored this place. My observations from this relatively short sojourn are mainly for those trying to build a brand on social media although some of this will apply to recreational Twitter users also.

1. Big Personalities: I feel Twitter, more than any other social medium, thrives on Big Personalities. The folks who garner the most attention, and tend to hold on to their audience most, are…

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