Write About Your Earliest Memory

Write about your earliest memory.

I was visiting Hamilton City Hall the other day when I was reminded of one of the last times I was there. It was one of my earliest memories.

Hamilton City Hall from Wikipedia.org

Hamilton City Hall from Wikipedia.org

I was about 4 years old and my brother was 2 when my mother brought us to City Hall to visit my father where he was working at the time. My mother had also worked there, so she knew a number of the people around. We were waiting for the elevator when my brother ran off in one direction and my mother went after him. The elevator arrived and of course, I got on… alone. I remember turning around and watching the doors closing with my mother running to the elevator now to catch me. I looked at one door and then the other, much like a fast tennis match. I ended up on the top floor which was the cafeteria and two women found me and asked if I was lost. I told them my father’s name but didn’t know where to find him. In a short time I was back with my family safe and sound.


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