Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

I took this in CDG Airport in 2003 on my way to Mumbai, India. I was expecting to go through London on British Airways, but due to snow, Heathrow was completely shut down. I ended up returning to Paris for a very short time.

CDG Airport in Paris, France

CDG Airport in Paris, France


8 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

    • Yes! I loved that when I went to Paris in the 90’s when in high school. I’ve always been an aspiring photographer and just grabbing the shot when it presents itself. Never really had a great camera. Just work with what I got. Thanks for the compliment!

  1. Unfathomed effect 🙂
    I like the composition… maybe a bit dark yes, but not easy to have a better lighting without using a software (the back is very bright)!
    To be perfectly understood… I like it 🙂

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