I am STILL Bridget Jones

So once again, one of my favourite chick flicks was on again tonight…Bridget Jones’s Diary. And now, more than ever, I still believe that I am Bridget Jones.

The movie was released 10 years ago and it is still as relevant now as it was then. I am still single and dealing with emotional fuckwits for what mildly passes as boyfriends.

But I still know that I have wonderful friends around me, more than I had a year or ten ago. Instead of writing in a paper diary, I mostly write it on my computer, but do occasionally write them down. I still drink, but don’t smoke and haven’t for 5 years now. Yet, I’m still single.

I guess I’m still looking for my Mark D’Arcy…


2 comments on “I am STILL Bridget Jones

    • Thanks for the reply. Was thinking about this post the other day. Think it’s my new year’s tradition and will have to update this for the coming year. Moving to a new city opens opportunities for new people, so maybe not the same fuckwits. 😉

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