Advice on a Twitter Handle

I am looking to get a Twitter handle for a company. We will call them X. The ideal twitter handle has been taken by a company in Scotland, so I need alternatives other than X1. They are a computer and technology company.

I would love suggestions on this. The best thing I can think of is to make it by region:

  • XCA (for Canada)
  • XTO (for Toronto)

They have a remote office in Quebec, but their main business is in  Ontario. Any other thoughts on how I can modify the name of the company to make it better? Don’t think I want to get into use the underscore idea. Would love to hear thoughts and I’ll let you all know next week of what I’m doing. Many thanks! Good karma upon you all. Hope I can help to bestow it in future very soon!


4 comments on “Advice on a Twitter Handle

  1. Hey! So I started a company called thirdocean. Guess what? The twitter handle was taken. But at least the .com was available. That was our first priority. For our Twitter handle we decided on @wearethirdocean. Because that is who we are. We are thirdocean. Get it? 😉

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