Automatic Mutual Follows On Twitter – My Take On It

I have read a number of posts about automatically following people when they follow you. It’s the polite thing to do.  I’m not sure why people follow me, but if you have some thing to say, then I will follow you back.

When I find out that I have a new follower, they obviously have a reason. If I don’t know them, I look at the other people that follow them and follows that we have in common. If they follow a bunch of famous people or common companies that have a huge number, then there is a good likelihood that we have common interests, but I still may not follow you. However, if the follows in common are people I actually know or have had conversations with, then I believe we have more in common, so I will be more likely to follow you back.

Suffice to say, that if we have no followings in common, and you have nothing written in your bio, I will most likely not follow you back. If you have something to say to me, I’m quite approachable. Speak up! Give me a reason to follow you.

I have followed some people based on the guidelines above, and for the most part, it works. Some people I have unfollowed, but at least I give them a shot. I’m really not a bad person, so follow me and we’ll get along just fine.


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