If I Had A Time Machine…

Topic: If you had a time machine….

The most obvious thing that one might say in this situation is to go back in time knowing the lottery numers and play them to win millions or become famous because you know about a particular point in time. But that’s boring and predictable.

Me? I can’t actually pick anything that I would change. Now, this might sound boring to some, but it’s true.

I might do my degree earlier, but I may not do as well because I don’t appreciate it like I did later in life. I might say that I didn’t want to date “X” person, but really, I’ve learned from those mistakes and loved each one in their own way. Everything has it’s time and all comes in due course. In my life, even though I might complain about it now and then, I wouldn’t change a thing as it relates to my own life. I might explore something new and not squander things so much, but all in all, it’s been a good life so far. Onward!


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