TTC Naming Stations After Corporate Sponsors

I realize that the most logical thing to do when naming stations is to name them based on locations. But, what if those stations never get built because there is no money to build them? How is it any different from allowing corporations to name our stadiums and buildings after themselves? Now, they even change the names nevermind building new ones. Look at what they did with SkyDome (and yes, it will always be the “Dome” to me).

I’d make the corporations pay for the drilling to the new station, the construction of the station itself and for the first five years of maintenance such as cleaning and facilities. If they want to pay that much, let them. Who benefits? Potentially their own employees and most definitely the general public. Let them put their money where their mouth is. In return, they get it named for no less than 25 years, provided they don’t breach the agreement.

So, who will step up?


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