Bridget Jones – Where is My Mark D’Arcy?

Units of alcohol: not many due to medication

Exercises: not many due to back pain

Salads: Close to once perday

Still in search of dream job. After second interview, no response. So must not be dream job. It’s still out there.

So is my Mark D’Arcy. Have wonderful friends who all tell me am wonderful and beautiful, but can’t seem to have proper relationship with normal human male. Have tried internet dating, speed dating, friend set ups and more, but wonder if am meant to be singleton for rest of life.

For those not we-informed, Mark D’Arcy (played by amazing Colin Firth) is tall, dark-haired god with British accent, is top barrister in London law firm, can cook and most importantly, likes me “just as I am”.

Since birthday is next week, in true Bridget fashion, he will appear and save dinner disaster that am preparing for friends. Not that any ex-lover will show up asking to take me back in middle of dinner causing Mark D’Arcy to take him out into the street for brawl through Greek restaurant to defend my honour. But one can dream…


5 comments on “Bridget Jones – Where is My Mark D’Arcy?

  1. Enjoying your Bridget-esque blogging, Shanta. I do have a comment/question. Why are you looking for Mr. Darcy? I believe you mentioned that you’re not seeking a lifemate at this point, and Darcy’s definitely lifemate material. Why not seek a dashing, slightly pervy but charming Daniel Cleaver type instead? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Or did I misunderstand something along the way?

    Cheers, Bridge!

    • I’m with Gwen on that one. If you aren’t ready, a Daniel Cleaver type would be a suitable replacement. Great writing luvvie!

      • You both might be right. However, when I wrote the other post (in true Bridge fashion) I thought I knew what I wanted. If I remember correctly though, Bridget doesn’t stay with Mark D’Arcy in the second book. I guess the main thing is that I want someone who as Mark D’Arcy so eloquently put it to Bridget: “I like you just the way you are.” Simple as that. And I’ll take what I can get. If that means it’s the rest of my life wonderful! If not, and it only lasts a year, it’s a year that I lived happily (I hope). No more pylons!

  2. Whoa, there are two Gwens who read your blog? AWESOME!

    Funny you should mention Mr. D’arcy… I’m going to see The King’s Speech tonight and I can’t WAIT! Be still my heart!

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