I think I’ve got it

I’ve been really slack about updating this blog, but I think I’ve figured out how I’m going to do this. It will be a forward motion idea, so feel free to look at my past posts to get an idea of what I’ve done before, though it was mostly posts of interests and random things I found around the web.

I am slowly working through importing all of my other accounts such as Livejournal and Blogger so that I can have everything in one place. I’m still learning how this works, so bear with me and join in my journey.

But now that I’ve started blogging on some of my other topics, I think I’ve figured what I want to do with this site. Thanks go to my friend, Alex Blom (@AlexBlom) who gave me some wonderful insights in to how to market myself and what to do with my blog. Though I haven’t mastered it, I’ve got a much better idea on how to do it. Let the info flow!


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