Let’s try this again…

I’ve tried running a blog before and it didn’t really work all that well. I had too many things going on, like finishing university and finding a job that my thoughts needed to focus inward. The job search is still on, but I thought I would kill numerous birds with a single stone. What this has allowed me to do is use a single tool (WordPress) to categorize my thoughts and reach out to people that perhaps can assist me in my career and my public profile. In future posts, I may share some rantings, philosophies and thoughts along with what I have for a profile to improve it with your help. In so doing, I learn a little more about blogging and social media, improve my writing skills and improve my image.

The previous posts I haven’t quite figured out what to do with as yet. They are still pieces I want to keep close, so bear with me as I go on this journey of self discovery.

Please also feel free to checkout my other blogs if they are of interest:
ADHD – adhdjourney.wordpress.com

and my creative writing blog: shadowshui.wordpress.com

Stay tuned!


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