My Prom Date

Last night I was told that the Retro Road Show for June is going to be Prom Night. I thought I would honour the day by reviving one of my old posts. Still relevant, but thought you all might enjoy.

I couldn’t find the whole article, but figured that I would at least pull this. I have it somewhere in actual print, and I’ll take another look some time. For now, this will have to do. I’ve heard that he’s been released, but luckily I haven’t found him.

Toronto Star, October 4, 2003, Page A02: Daniel Greig had been warned to stay away from guns as one of the terms of his parole after a previous infraction. Even so, Greig acquired a six-shot, .44-calibre Smith & Wesson revolver, a .45-calibre Glock semi-automatic pistol, a .45-calibre Heckler & Koch semi-automatic pistol, a 12-gauge Franchi pump-action shotgun with a pistol grip and a collapsible stock and a M16, a .223-calibre Colt semi-automatic assault rifle. When Toronto police discovered his arsenal, the guns were fully loaded. Rounds were chambered and ready to be fired in the semi-automatic weapons and the shotgun. Justice Archie Campbell sent Mr. Greig away for what will amount to a total of 41/2 years.


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