Peace is good

I know that peace is a good thing and I know that just the mere fact that Barack Obama has been elected President of the United States is a great step. We all know what this stands for, so I won’t reiterate the changes that this has and will continue to bring about in the future.

However, like many people that I have seen comment over the past few days, does he really deserve a Nobel Peace Prize? Maybe. But maybe not YET.

I’m inclined to agree with many others comments: Give it to Gandhi. The man dedicated his life to peace and died for it.

I’m not saying that President Obama isn’t deserving, but are we to start giving out awards for what someone might accomplish? This is the feeling that most people, including myself are inclined to believe. He hasn’t been in office a whole year and though he has made great strides, I think that he still has work to do. He still has time to earn this award. Gandhi’s award is overdue. I say this not because I am part Gujrati, but because I am a human being who believes in peace.

And that’s my piece on peace.


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