Is this a surprise to anyone?

I flew on Air Canada this past week.  Now I remember why I don’t.  The only reason I did it this time was using my father’s points. 

I was flying with my brother who frequently needs to get up during a flight which would drive anyone nutty, so he needs an aisle seat.  I booked our seats on a plane that only had two on either side, so no problem, even though I indicated he needed the aisle.  A few days before the flight, they must have changed the plane, but not the seating, because now we’re window and centre seats.  I went to the check-in desk and had them change it, which they did pretty easily, but it was still a pain since I couldn’t take advantage of the online booking, self-service or any of the other services they offer to supposedly make my life easier and reduce their costs. Guess what? You didn’t save a thing with me on that one.

On the way home, I tried to call ahead to make the change so we didn’t have to do it in the morning.  Plus, Ravi was paranoid about not getting it and reminded me at least three times that day that I had to make the call.  Upon so doing, I was put on hold without speaking to a living soul for 40 minutes! I finally gave up.  My uncle wondered what I would do.  Simple. I would cause such a PR nightmare for them that the cost of cleaning up the mess would outweigh the cost of displacing someone from their aisle seat.  Even if I didn’t, Ravi would.  When we got our tickets, they couldn’t give the aisle seat.  We would have to wait for the flight to close and then they would see what they could do at the gate.  We waited an hour for the gate desk to open and Ravi is nervous as hell.  They were again able to accommodate, thankfully. It just seems stupid that they put into place all these ways to make our lives more simple and flexible, yet they could have avoided it all if they had just told me in advance that they changed the plane.

This just backs up my thoughts from a few weeks ago when they came to my school to sponsor a recruitment for all the business students.  The room was packed to an hour long presentation by three representatives from Air Canada to promote their Grad Program.  Fantastic! There were at least 60 people in the room plus the standing room only. The presentation was good enough, but when asked how many positions were available, the answer: 10. Not in the school, not in the province, not in the discipline of study. Ten overall.  So let me understand your logic: You send three people around the country to sponsor and present at these job fairs and you’re only hiring 10 people in September for 18 months. I’m surprised that no one else got up and left in disgust.  For the amount of money that they are spending visiting all of these universities for half a day each, they probably could have hired another 10 or more.

In today’s society where there is so much technology available to make the same information to the same people in less time, less money and more efficiently, it surprises me that they spent that kind of money to hire just 10 graduates.  And then they wonder why they are in financial trouble?

Air Canada’s problems pile up

The airline’s problems include funding a pension deficit

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