The Return Home

Well, I’m home finally. Not sure how I feel about it. Just seeing the expression on my brother’s face picking me up at the airport was enough to make me glad I came home. But part of me is wondering: “Why did you come home?”. More on this later…

I think I’ve kicked most of the jetlag. Staying awake for 24 hours before I left helps. Slept for a good part of the journey home, hung out in Chicago O’Hare for a few hours, then caught the flight to Buffalo where Ravi and Mom met me. They weren’t able to find my coat so, no photos of the “I am Canadian” parka with the Chinese hat just yet. Grabbed my stuff, crossed the border (easily) and then got some dinner. By the time I got home, I’d already fallen asleep in the car. Slept most of the night with one or two wake ups. Damn I had missed my bed.

The first morning so far? Didn’t have to make my bed for fear of someone walking into the room. I can just SHUT THE DOOR! haha! Needed properly brewed coffee (not Starbucks) and Cinnamon French Toast with MAPLE syrup. So that’s what I’m doing…;) First meal I’ve actually cooked (other than soup and noodles) in five months. This could get addictive. I’m sure Shelley and Dad would have heart attacks right now reading that.

So much for being on top of the jetlag. I fell asleep this afternoon and slept right through Tai Chi class. Now I’ll be up most of the night. At least that gives me a chance to catch up on the journal as well as some photos or something.

Dad is crankier than ever. I can’t think of one really nice thing he’s said since I’ve been home. He’s already got a list of things for me to do. What the hell has he done without me for the last five months? He’s complained about almost everything we have discussed in the last 24 hours. Moving out has been a serious thought. I think I’ll spend tomorrow doing my job searches. Get me outta here!

Have spent much of my day sleeping. So much for kicking the jetlag.

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