Another good day…and the one after that…

As I said on Friday night “It is a good day.” And today is no exception. It started out with a tour of the Chi Lin Nunnery and Ni Lian Gardens. Very beautiful and peaceful. Yan Ling joined me on this wonderful adventure. We had lunch with a few of the others at the Elmerry Cafe. Came back to the hall and got in about 2.5 hours of good training. I had put together a CD to play, but it kind of worked in the opposite order than what I wanted to do, so it jumped around a lot. Other than the standard meditation go to do a little cleansing of the mind with some music blaring and no one telling me to turn it down. Amazing how therapeutic blaring music in a dance studio with the lights of at dusk will do to clear your thoughts. I have to admit, I was a little ticked off that no one else showed up, but hey, we all have lives.

Sunday was supposed to be for studying and it wasn’t really productive. I did do my laundry first thing to try and start my day off right. Nothing sunk in. I even cleaned a spot on my whiteboard for a quote of the day. Sensei would be pleased, as long as I do what I came here to do.

Speaking of which, I am following his advice. I haven’t been to the Uni’s tai chi class in weeks. Partly because of classes, partly because I wasn’t comfortable. I think I’ve found a solution. Last week when I came back from shopping there were 3 ladies doing tai chi fan. It couldn’t have been much closer, because it was right outside my front door! They told me to come at 8.30 next Monday. So I did. I left class and went to the martial arts supply store. I picked up a set of fans (left and right), a weapons bag, and some dvd’s on tai chi, sword and fan. I showed up at the appropriate time and in addition to the three ladies were two gentlemen, the two students’ husbands’. After discussing for 10 minutes, I get the impression that the teacher, Mrs. Ho, isn’t sure what to make of me. She lets me join them for that evening and still doesn’t know what to charge me since they belong to a parish all together. We do some fan for 20 minutes and then go into some tai chi which is in Yeung style. This style appears to be closer to what I know already, but the forms are very different: 24, 28 and 108. They take me through the first two and most of the third. One of the men comments on how well I did the sets and asks how long its been since I did them. I said I’d never seen them before. The movements are familiar but the patters were not. Most of the students coming back from their classes had the pleasure of observing me with some of the locals. I think Mrs. Ho is at least satisfied that I’m not some new kid on the block and that I could be a decent student. Now I’m looking forward to this. I may even drop the one at the University. If it doesn’t make me happy, why do it? This one is closer to what I know and right outside my door. Someone’s trying to tell me something. It would be stupid of me not to listen.


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