A Good Day

As Katsumoto said in The Last Samurai, “It is a good day.” Any day that you get a whole ‘dojo’ to yourself without interruption to go through almost everything you know, it is a good day. I haven’t let out a good kiai for months. Boy, does it feel good. For those who haven’t held onto a kiai for that long, you will know what I’m talking about. I didn’t know why I was so…incomplete the last few months. Tried to get as much training in as possible, but something was missing. It felt good to be able to train in bare feet again, to sit in meditation in the quietness and reflect. Now that I have access to one of the activity rooms to do this, I will take full advantage.

How did I get this room you might ask? Go on…I volunteered to run an introductory workshop on martial arts in November. Cheryl and I will be doing a 2.5 hour session with tai chi and karate, with some weapons demonstrations in the middle. You guys know me well enough by now that I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this. When they ask for volunteers in the hall to run a workshop of “cultural exchange”, I couldn’t resist. Besides, it might give Cheryl some clients and it gets me my practice room. Wooden floor, mirrors on either side, natural light, sound system, air conditioning…Jealous? 😉 Well, I know that Sensei would approve. It’s not entirely selfless and I’m getting my training in while doing what I enjoy doing. I have to help others learn…it’s what I do and how we roll.

And just think, I get to visit the Chi Lin Nunnery and the Nan Lian Garden tomorrow morning. Tea Ceremony at the Song Cha Xie, then training again tomorrow afternoon. It will be another good day.


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