The Story So Far

At the University, I have decided to only take four courses instead of five. Two in computing, one in engineering and one in Japanese is enough. The levels of study here are more intense and they creep up on you pretty quick. In the beginning it looked pretty easy and then all of a sudden, BOOM! You have formulae, quizzes, assignments and projects coming out everywhere. One of the observations I’ve made here is that no one wants to speak up in class. They talk when they shouldn’t and don’t talk when they are supposed to. They don’t volunteer information and are not very clear in giving instructions. They just assume you know the rest. They also do everything in groups. I’ve been fortunate enough to only have one group so far. I’ve heard horror stories from other classmates.

I’ve moved into my new room and the new roommate. Part of the difficulty when I arrived was dealing with the old one. We didn’t get along and I began planning how I could avoid her. Without a pleasant living environment, it makes studying more difficult and sleeping a trouble. Now that I am settled in the new crib, I can concentrate on other things.

Haven’t been training as much as I do at home. That had to be modified since I don’t have a formal class, a regular place to train nor people to train with every day. I still train, but for a little longer, more forms than basics and just try and remember what I can. Be more aware of what my body is doing and what it is capable of. I have started taking archery lessons and did my first tai chi class last week. It’s different than what I’m used to for sure. It’s like learning everything from scratch, but I still see some similarities. Going with Cheryl today to buy some of the weapons that I am missing so much at home. I think once I have at least a bo and a bokken that I will be better balanced. It’s rather frustrating when you go in search of a store and you walk around the area for more than an hour and can’t find it, even with it written in the local language. Thankfully, Cheryl has the business card and we’ll meet up tonight.

Went to Lamma yesterday to visit Cheryl for Thanksgiving. Think I’ve found my vacation spot and Erin agrees. Went there around 4 in the afternoon. As soon as I stepped off the ferry, I felt relief, like I could breathe. I now understand why Cheryl lives here. Erin and I walk around for a short time and decide we have to eat some seafood by the shore. We sit for a while and do just that before taking a walk to the beach. What a sight. We take some pictures, walk in the water, then sit on some rocks and have a beer. Erin’s birthday is in a couple of weeks and she says that this is what she wants to do. It happens to be a long weekend…lucky us. I’m in! Hell, I need a vacation! Then I need to start thinking about what to do for Halloween!

Happy thanksgiving everyone.


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