It’s been a while…

Okay, so I haven’t been keeping up my journal as well as I promised. So what’s been going on? A lot of shopping, but haven’t really bought much. Food has been really good in most cases and have avoided problems that most face when in a new land. One thing I’ve found rather interesting is that I haven’t taken as many pictures as I usually do when in a new place. At least, I haven’t taken as many GOOD ones as I usually do. Will try and remedy that soon.

I finally got to do some training tonight. Not like I haven’t had the opportunity in recent weeks, but it becomes easier when there is someone to train with. It gives the push we all sometimes need.

There has been some…libations with good people. They just need someone to guide them down the path, no matter how slippery the slope nor how dark the alley be. 😉 Who better? The Leftenant of the Samurai Drinking Team? I even have my own T-Shirt for the Hong Kong Drinking Team. Have even found a team to train with so that I don’t fall out of practice! I’m just kidding. Taken an early night tonight as I have a long day of school tomorrow. Don’t worry, studying will be in order. I promise.

Planning on going to Beijing next week, though with the flights the way they are, think I might have to hold off for a while longer. Something’s telling me I shouldn’t go, so maybe I should stay a little closer to home and enjoy what I have here. As I walked home this evening, I took a route from the park which took me along the All-star walk. This is of course right on the harbour overlooking Hong Kong Island. A wonderful sight at night. There was a nice breeze for once, since it’s been extremely humid. I paused a the height of the overpass to look at the scene in front of me. And then it hit me again…but now with a sense of reality: “I’m in Hong Kong. I’m really here.” It’s one of those moments where you do a circular look at yourself in that proverbial mirror and ask “Who am I? Is that me that I’m looking at? Is it me standing here and thinking this?” The answer is yes. And since I am in the land of them…Hong Kong is the proverbial pearl in my oyster. Here I go!


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