The First Week

So much for writing every day, but as you can imagine, it has been busy. My stay at the Mandarin Oriental has definitely spoiled me. To summarize my trip so far, the first day was eventful and have already gone through some of my first evening. The next day I checked into the Emperor Hotel and then toured around the city for a bit. Checked out the University where I will be studying (PolyU) and then walked along HK’s answer to the walk of fame. Saw the stars for Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and more. Here’s the statue they have dedicated in Bruce Lee’s honour:

Then took the ferry across the harbour to go back to the Mandarin, got my bags, and went back to the Emporer. I’d left a message for Sensei Dixon upon his arrival that I had checked into the hotel. I took a little nap and then went to check my email. They still hadn’t checked in, so I just stayed in my room for a little while. Around midnight, I received a message that Mr. Dixon did not know who I was. This sounded like a cruel joke and when I went to the desk to enquire, they had sent it to the wrong Mr. Dixon. I left yet another message for the right Mr. Dixon to meet him for breakfast, which I did.

There was a tour going to Lantau Island to see the Big Buddha. Sensei Dixon stayed at the hotel to catch up on his emails since I helped him get it back online. I went with the rest of the crew to the Island and had a blast. Here’s one of the photos I did take:

Unfortunately, my camera died. So this will explain why I haven’t had many pictures to post lately. Don’t worry, I’ll make up for it. I bought a camera two days ago and picked it up today.

So, I’ve played tourguide a little to my compatriot from Ryerson, Erin and my new roommate from Montreal, Lily. Between the three of us, we make up the entire Canadian contingent in the exchange program here at PolyU. When they were listing the countries in the orientation yesterday, they forgot about us. So I put up my hand and told them they didn’t say Canada. When all those from Canada stood up, there was us, and then one guy way at the back. He only counts as half because he’s from Vancouver, but studying in the US.

Sensei Dixon and the crew came into town last night before flying out this morning. What a night that was! Cheryl, Sensei Dixon and Doug Root all went to dinner at the floating restaurant, Jumbo at Top Deck. Really nice buffet and the bottomless Carlsberg. You can imagine where that got us. Right…the next bar. The Feather Boa. Members only with a short list of wonderful drinks, including a strawberry daquiri with chocolate powder around the rim. We are there for a while, then onto the next bar in Lan Kwai Fung. Had a few there and then home. They headed for the hotel and I for the residence. Now I won’t see him for months. My training will not suffer thankfully.

Now time for bed. After all, I have Tai Chi at 10 am at Kowloon Park! Ciao for now.


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